No Love


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All song written by Frontside


released April 8, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Craver @ Bright Light Studios

Artwork by Edwin Oliva & Victor Alvarez



all rights reserved


FRONTSIDE San Diego, California

Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: No Love
Look me in the eyes
And say it to my face
The love for me
Has been replaced
No love
No love for me
Do it
No love for me
You went and threw it all away
And now there's nothing
Between you and me
No love for me
To think I gave you everything
But now it seems
It was for nothing
Track Name: Misery
Stare in my eyes
Tell me what do you see
Broken man full of agony
Each day I live, I wish it was it was my last
Watch the sand fall through the hourglass
Where do I go
How do I begin
How do I escape
The hell that I'm in
Cried out for god but no one is there
If he exists
Why should he care
I am so fucking sick
Of feeling nothing
Track Name: Get A Grip
Our backs against the wall
Then maybe I was doomed to fall
Wounds beyond repair
That's you all ever want me to hear
I won't let this break me
I won't let you bring me down
How could you push me to this
Just to watch me
Just to watch me drown
You won't see
The change in me
You're too blind
Never will I be a hypocrite
Sick and tired of all your shit
Get a grip
Right through your fingertips
You can't get a grip
See right through your lies
But I still feel this pain inside
Walk a mile in my shoes
Then you'll see what you put me through
Tired of expectations
Because I'll never live up to it
Go ahead and pass your judgement
Cause your words
Your words ain't worth shit
Track Name: Slipped
The world inside my head
Replays the things that you said
I cannot sleep at night
I've run out of sheep
This vicious cycle
Plants a seed in my mind
I start to think
I won't make it out alive
I hate this
I want none of it
What did I do
To deserve this
I've given so much
And got nothing back
Life's out to get me
How can we let this
Come so far
Destroying everything
That we are
It's so overwhelming
This constant guilt trip
I can feel myself
Feel myself slip
Track Name: In My Face
This is the last thing that I do for you
Collect all of my words to tell you the truth
Played me so hard that I played the fool
Bought into your lies and the things that you do
I regret all the time that I spent
Making sure your expectations were met
Remember the day that you said you were home
You were in bed, but you weren't alone
You use me like the others you burned
Fell for your bullshit
Guess it's my turn
Feeling for you are making me sick
You think your actions have no consequence
(I won't let this go)
I gave you everything
And you spit it right back in my face
Spit it
Spit it
Spit it, spit it, spit it right back in my face bitch
All the pain
All these things
Never bring me to my knees
All the pain
All these things
Never bring me to my fucking knees
Track Name: Souls
I'm tired
Of listening
To everything you have to fucking say
It's bullshit
Cause in reality
You don't know a thing about me
(I want out)
I want out right now
I'm so sick
Of the lies that come out your mouth
I know
I'm not like you
I'm making sure it stays that way
Will I be loved
Loved for someone that I ain't
What you see
Is what you get
If you don't like
I don't give a shit
Last in line
I've heard it before
I'm not the idiot that I was before
Fear no death
With heart of stone
Metal rusts but not my bones
Souls don't die