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All songs written by Frontside


released January 1, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Michael Craver
Mastered by Bill Henderson

Recorded @ Bright Lights Studio in Santa Ana, CA and Palmquist Studios in East Los Angeles, CA

Photo taken by Juan Zaragoza
Album artwork by Edwin Oliva



all rights reserved


FRONTSIDE San Diego, California

Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: False Prophet
False prophet

I pledge allegiance to this country of false hope
I pledge allegiance to the hatred it's invoked
I pledge allegiance to this land that's not so free
I pledge allegiance to the war between you and me

Break down your wall
That divided us all
Take off this chain
Now feel my pain

Whatever happens
I'll make it clear
At the end of the day
I'm staying right here
You rigged the system
You got your way
I guess this is it
Corrupted USA
You've been called to power
You've been called to lead
So fuck your towers
And fuck your fascist greed

False prophet
No master
False prophet
In the White House
Track Name: Minority
Tell me
How do you fucking sleep
Lying about how you protect the street
You've got your badge
You've got your gun
That's no excuse for the things that you've done
The women the children are begging to be saved
The last thing they expect is to be sent to their grave
Now tell me
How you fucking sleep
With all these dead bodies lying at your feet

Point the gun at me
What's it gonna be
Abusive power
Cause you're a coward

Up against authority
Put our backs against the wall
In hopes to enslave us all
Is this who you want to be
And to think we looked up to you
Can't stand those things you do

Protect and serve is the motto you praise
I find hard to believe you're really there for me
We're taking this fight back to the streets
We are the minority
Fuck the police
Track Name: Streets In My Veins
I got it
The feeling
The feeling to be free
Who wants it
Who needs it

It started way back then
Just me and all my friends
Everyday we roamed the streets
With our boards glued to our feet
Hopping fences hitting spots
Getting chased by rent-a-cops
Out late up to no good
Punks are in the neighborhood
The tricks the sounds
I see them all around
Close my eyes and I feel safe
Collected all the secret tapes
Nothing matters anymore
Throw the bullshit out the door
Broken homes and broken dreams
This is what skateboarding means

I live it
I breathe it
Streets in my veins
Oh yeah
All right

You can't bring me down
This is my town
Never be the same
Streets in my vein
Track Name: Heat
You crossed the line
You pushed me too far
I'm standing at the edge
Now I see just who you are
You think I'm weak
Lesser than you
Nothing you can take can't stop what I do

Out of my way
Can't stop me now
I'm heading to the top and I don't need you around
Always alone
Kick me while I'm down
Never had my back but I'll stand my ground

You were never there for me when I needed you
Your self-esteem is on the ground
Drag me down
Drag me down motherfucker

Be my guest
Do your worst
I can take it
So give up first
You're breaking down
I'm on my feet
Next time around
Bring on the heat